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About me

I am a singer-songwriter making intimate and often melancholic songs with friends in my bedroom studio in Mainz, Germany.
I mix and master my own music "in the box", with some good audio plugins and a rather budget-friendly, yet effective recording setup consisting of a condenser microphone, studio monitors, a subwoofer, headphones, an audio-interface and a treated room.
I plan on releasing more material mid 2023, since I am focusing on my IT education at the moment.

About my songs

I started writing my first Indie Folk song "I went home" in 2014. The song's style was heavily influenced by "Elliott Smith" and went through several iterations, while I developed myself both as a singer and as a mixing engineer. The latest version has my roommate Robert from the band "anionkaat" on the guitar.
"Too much loving" was inspired by a short, but intense love affair and the following break-up. I recorded it with a good friend of mine, called "I", who also played the guitar track. Musically it is inspired by my favorite "Car Seat Headrest" song "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales". It took several approaches in the mixing process aswell, since I did not get the guitar and drum sound I wanted at first.
The other songs on my EP were finished quicker, but also more fun and easy for me to create, if I'm being honest. ;)